What people are saying

I’ve been taking bouzouki lessons for just over a year now. Michael has been my first and only bouzouki teacher and I am amazed on how much I have learnt. There are many different methods on how to learn and Michael uses one or even a mixture of them that accommodates me best. A great thing about Michael is the passion you see when he plays and teaches. And through this passion I always seem to reach my full potential with each lesson I go to. Not only does Michael go in depth with his teaching but always has a great story of where certain techniques and songs being taught originates from and why it needs to be learnt a specific way.

It makes me proud to play bouzouki in front of my family, especially my grandfather who played throughout his life and inspired me to learn for him as well as for myself.
Each lesson is very productive but also involves a good laugh along the way.
Michael is truly an amazing teacher who is dedicated in sharing his experience with his students. He has taught me that through practice, dedication and patience, you can not only hear, but also feel the music that comes out of this beautiful instrument.

Nathan Doukelis

Michael has been teaching my son (Constantine Georgiadis) bouzouki for 18 months. He uses the classic bouzouki technique to teach this challenging instrument combining both the theoretical and practical aspects in a fun and engaging way. Michael’s extensive knowledge and deep passion for the bouzouki clearly resonates with Constantine and I have observed some life changing transformations. The experience has significantly improved Constantine’s self confidence when it comes to expressing himself as he never shies away from playing in front of guests when we are entertaining at home. The experience has also taught Constantine the value of discipline and persistence when striving to reach a goal. He sets a constant time every day and applies it to all aspects of bouzouki playing whether it be playing a scale, arpeggio or learning a brand new song.

I believe Michael has played a significant role in extracting these great qualities in
Constantine. He is a fantastic role model for Constantine and constantly encourages and challenges him at the same time. Every lesson usually ends with both student and teacher playing a song in perfect unison and as an Australian of Greek extraction, this takes me back to the beautiful picturesque Greek islands.

Steve Georgiadis


I’ve known Michael now for approximately nine years and we he have performed together numerous times, written music together and exchanged information regarding teaching and referred students to each other. I have found him to immensely creative, intelligent and gathering from his students, a good teacher. Furthermore Michael has good interpersonal skills, is disciplined, punctual and takes care in everything he does. He loves to divulge information, which in my mind makes him a natural teacher.

Byron Triandafyllidis | professional musician


Michael has been teaching my son Ioan for approximately one year and it is proving to be one of the most significant and rewarding learning experiences in his life. Michael has tremendous skill in encouraging and challenging his students, in developing their skills at a pace that suits them and he is also able to engage with them in an intellectually stimulating way.  He is clearly deeply knowledgeable and committed to his craft as a practitioner and as a teacher.

I could not recommend him highly enough.

Angharad Wynne-Jones